Orthopedic Bodywork for Specific Pain Relief

Vacumobilization/Massage Cupping Therapy

Orthopedic Bodywork utilizes various soft tissue manipulation and release techniques such as deep tissue, active release, myofascial work, trigger points, stretching, etc. in order to provide greater penetration below the superficial muscle layers.  These techniques are aimed at reducing and preventing chronic problems in areas of concern such as neck/shoulder pain, hamstring/quadriceps strains, low back & hip pain, tennis/golfers elbow.

Sessions may be customized to address a specific area rather than the full body.

A manual process of applying various suction cups to the skin in a massage-like procedure. Working with negative pressure, rather than tissue compression, cupping releases rigid soft tissue, loosens adhesions bringing blood flow to stagnant skin and muscles.

This cupping technique increases blood flow at various levels while simultaneously stretching the connective tissue beneath the skin to allow room for more circulation and lymphatic drainage. 

25 minutes            $  50

55 minutes            $  90

85 minutes            $ 135

25 minutes          $  50

55 minutes          $  90

85 minutes          $ 135